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Network Glitch


I recently stumbled upon the work of Kit King. Those not familiar with her work she paints breathtakingly realistic oil paintings with exquisite, intricate details.


Having undergone all of this work she then cuts the paintings into thin strips and rearranges them into something even more mesmerising.


I was immediately inspired by the bravery and conviction of her actions and felt compelled to do the same!


What transpired in my mind's eye was something well adrift of what I do normally. Much larger, much bolder but still definably me. The more I pondered it, the more reasons not to progress with it entered my head and doubt began to creep in: Would it be too big? It would be too expensive to produce! Where would I exhibit it? How would I get it there? Would it be any good? Would I end up spending a load of time and money on something that simply didn’t work?


Fortunately; I took a moment to share my concerns with my wife. “You’re worried about spending weeks of your time investing, energy, money and emotions into a project that might not work? Isn’t that what being an artist is all about?”


The end result is “Network Glitch”. Spray paint and acrylic ink on rail tickets from around the world; float mounted at various heights in a large box frame (102cm x 107cm x 5cm / 40”x42”x2”).


The piece has rail tickets from Ireland, Britain (both historic and modern), Holland, Italy, America, Australia, Singapore, Norway, Italy, Germany, France and Hong Kong and uses Hannah Chledowski photographed by Atikh Bana as its reference material.


The artwork also incorporates my first use of Molotow’s Liquid Chrome, which really makes the jewellery elements of the piece ping when the light catches them.


The box frame is by the talented team at Picture Frames Express who patiently gave endless quotes as I kept adjusting dimensions and who produced their usual high standards when I’d finally made a decision.


“Network Glitch” is soon to be exhibited by my good friends at Reload Gallery. Please contact them for further details.

  • Dimensions

    Height, Width, Depth = 107cm x 102cm x 5cm  (40”x42”x2”)

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