Frequently asked questions

What's your returns policy?

I have every confidence you'll be completely delighted with your purchase. (I have artwork residing in collections around the globe and have not had a customer yet who wasn't over the moon!). See my Testimonials page. You have 14 days to return any item for a full refund, provided it is returned in perfect condition with all of the original labels in place and any retail packaging intact. Please use the contact form if you wish to return an item.

Do you do commissions?

Sometimes! This can be something as simple as using a few tickets of your choice in an existing train ticket edition or something completely bespoke. Please use the contact form or online chat to discuss your ideas and if they excite me I'd be only too happy to discuss brining them to fruition.

Is your work available with / without frames?

All listings will state where whether an artwork is supplied framed or not. As a rule of thumb, prints won't be framed but canvases and train ticket / drinks can pieces will be. I feel framing really sets off a piece and I take huge in pride in designing the end result when picking out the frames, mounts and finishes. All of my frames are made to my specification by skilled craftsmen I trust to deliver work of the highest standard. I then hand mount each piece into its frame myself. Some of the smaller canvas works I sell will be unframed to keep the purchase prices low, however, if you wish to have a canvas framed prior to dispatch get in touch and I'll be happy to help. (I buy frames at trade prices and only add a small supplement for my time and the additional postage costs). Additionally if if a work is framed and you'd like to discuss purchasing it without a frame (or even rolled without stretcher bars) to reduce postage costs then give me a shout prior to purchase. Where glazing is required the frames will typically use PLEXIGLAS® XT 0A000 (20070) or its equivalent standard. This material should not be confused with styrene or other acrylic sheeting you might find in frames from a certain Swedish furniture store and the like. PLEXIGLAS® is largely UV resistant, this means it is perfectly clear and will remain perfectly clear and conforms to all BSI safety standards. It is also tough and shatter resistant and therefore won't break and damage your artwork, either in transit or an act of clumsiness in your own home. (We've all done it!)

Oi mate! Are you Banksy?

Are payments secure?

Yes! All payments are handled by either Paypal or Stripe and are fully secure and encrypted.

Can I get a discount?

In a word no; but if you feel you have reason for one (for example you want to buy a number of pieces) then if you don't ask you dont get. You will of course, reap the benefits of buying directly by means of a personal touch and added provenance when your artwork is packaged and dispatched. I want you to be delighted with your purchase, treasure it forever and feel it was worth every cent! I'll give a more longwinded rambling on the subject here. I'm going to wang on a bit so I'd advise you stop reading now: Pricing artwork is really tough. It's the hardest part of my job and highlights what a crazy "business plan" being an artist is. You pour your heart and soul into a piece, spend hours and hours creating something you think is truly beautiful with no real idea as whether anyone will share your love of it. Your head spins round and round like a tumble dryer, thinking of past prices, other people's investments, the cost of materials, the amount of time it's taken, is that too much? Is that too little? What's the gallery commission? Until eventually you get somewhere. To earn a living and for people to see my artwork, I then need to market it. The second toughest part of my job. That's where galleries come in; they do that job really, really well! Getting you on their walls, into various art fairs and in front of people truly passionate about art. However, they have considerable costs (as any indepenadant high-street shop does) and in turn need to take a significant commission for their valuable work. If I had to sell every peiece through a gallery I simply wouldn't survive (as an artist at least). I am also not allowed by the galleries I work with (and my own morals) to undercut the gallery price in anyway. The galleries I work with have done a huge amount to promote my work and help it appreciate in value. Offering lower prices for direct sales would immediately devalue my work and be hugely unfair to those who have invested in it and supported me in the past. The above would be true of any established artist. I do of course ensure direct sales have a personal touch added wherever possible and appropriate which can be afforded from the additional income of not paying the gallery fee. Told you I'd wang on but thanks for reading! Johnman

What's the story with shipping?

I aim to have your order dispatched within 2 working days and within Europe it will be sent via 3 day courier (from Ireland where I live). It should therefore be with you within a week. British customers please read the seperate question below relating to Brexit and Import Taxes. For sales outside of Britain and the EU please contact me advance for postal lead times if this is a concern. Also check prior to purcahse if you purcahse will be subject to Import duties and taxes. Many countries have reduced or zero rates for imported artworks. Larger items may need more specialist packing and could take a day or two longer. If this is the case I will contact you. The above excludes "pre-order" items, which will not be dispatched until the date stated in the product listing. Once dispatched, the same lead times will apply. My artwork will always be packaged to ensure it reaches in perfect condition. (See my Testimonials page). If you have purchased more than artwork, this may result in me sending them in seperate packages, if I feel there is a danger of them damaging one another in transit. I'll notify you of this if this is the case. Once dispatched, I'll send you an email with the tracking details of your order (where applicable).

I'm in Britain will my order be 🤬ed over by Brexit?

In a word no. I've adjusted the way I do business so that Brexit 🤬s me and not you! If you're in Britain the price you see at checkout (artwork + postage + VAT) is the full cost of your delivered artwork. I collect the Import VAT at checkout and send your artwork via a service called DDP (Deliver Duty Paid) which means all of the import taxes and brokerage fees get charged back to me when your artwork reaches customs. In the event that I can't avail of DDP Shipping, I'll refund the VAT due* and the brokerage fees. *I've put an asterix after VAT due as the VAT that is charged but Customs Brokers is often wrong. Original works of art being imported into the UK are entitled to a reduced rate of 5% but often the standard rate of 20% is erronously charged. If you receive a bill for 20% VAT I'll refund the 5% VAT you paid me and give you all the information you need to claim back or contest the other 15% from HMRC. All of that said there are massive delays on delivering parcels into Britain which are way outside of my control.

Why is shipping "so pricey" and not free?

This is a tricky one. I'd love to display a what you see is what you pay price so there's no suprise at the checkout. However, let's be honest, there's no such thing as free. If I were to offer "free" shipping I'd have to incorporate the cost of shipping into the price of the artwork. I'd also have to ensure it was free for everybody, so I'd need to incorporate the cost of shipping to Australia into the pirce of the artwork regardless of where you lived. So not fair and your purchase would potentially be far more expensive with free shipping than if i'd charged you shipping at the applicable rate. I charge what the shipping costs and no more. There's no sneaky bit of profit in it for me. Shipping (done properly) is expensive. The shipping cost incorporates the courier fee, and insurance againstloss or damage in transit. For British buyers it also incorporates a contribution towrads the customs brokerage fee (which is around £20 in inself). On the rae occaisions where I realise a customer has been overcharged by my website for shipping, the over charge will always be refund.